Semi-rogue guide how to start a product management career

A number of "how to get a product management job" content exists and I don't intend to make another version of that. Instead, is my personal approach that is a bit more rogue for people really interested in stuff, not only how to find a job. If you do want the other type of material, start with good product manager, bad product manager.

If you are interested in a bit of rogue action, this will take you about half a day on a weekend and be a lot of fund and very interesting. Basically, what I have done in variations at different points. 

Now, simply because this blog post looks stupid without further text I am adding some copy here. Among other things (relevant when you read the slides), it might be good to know that publishing a blogpost like this takes about 3 minutes on the technical side but much, much longer on the writing side. It is actually the creative work that takes the time, not the technical.

Anyway, please enjoy the slides and tell me if they are helpful or not.