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Articles from the Blog

Past writings on IoT, Climate Change, Politics and Russia

Sprinz, von Buenau 2011: The Compensation Fund for Climate Impacts

Extremely interesting work together with Detlef Sprinz focussed on the legal aspects of handling climate change harm through an insurance type scheme. Piece is being quoted for example by Environmental Law and Economics

Europe & Russia: Soft Power, Please

Whilst working in Moscow (At the World Bank's Russia Renewable Energy Programm), I wrote this piece on how the EU should position itself in the dialogue with Russia. Written in 2011, interesting (and shocking) that already then Syria was a Problem. 

Other pieces focus on writing to understand the current work or applying new concepts, for example Jobs to be done - Accuracy in Real Time Location Systems and “iBeacon” or “BLE Tag”? Clearing up some terms.

Steffen Buenau

On this website I collect writings and other thoughts. I do not spend time editing the writing and I write quite fast. That means there might be mistakes and bad grammar from time to time - i appreciate your feedback for improvements.

The motivation in writing is to get stuff on paper so that later I can go back and improve it. This would not be possible if I had not put them on paper in the first place.

In addition, I want obviously to capture potential search traffic for my name that goes beyond LinkedIn and Medium. I am happy if you find the writings useful, if you do please share it. 

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