Review: Pricing Strategy Optimization Specialization on Coursera by BCG and Darden

This is a  review of the Coursera specialisation Pricing Strategy Optimization hosten by the Boston Consulting Group and the University of Darden. I looked at this course because one of the first Coursera I have done was the Introduction into Strategy course - also by the University of Darden.

Plus, I am always interested in

  • teaching (interested in how BCG does it)
  • learning
  • pricing 

I am extremely interested in pricing. This is for three reasons:  Next to the number of units sold, the price of a product is the most important element from which the distribution (marketing and sales) and production and design decisions flow. It determines the market size and the profitability of the enterprise.

Having completed week 1 and week 2 of the first course my recommendation is simple: definitely start the course and see what you take out of it. The content is dense and excellent. The focus is on understanding concepts but includes some light but powerful explanations. 

Review Pricing Strategy Optimization

That is it - just test the course for free. It is very much worth to understand a bit of pricing, the most important number in business from my point of view.