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  • I get joy from well running organizations with a clear strategy. A well running business is an organization that generates return for the shareholders (the founder, the employer and the employees) and provides employees and customers with a good experience.

  • Directly addressing and helping to solve the really hard issues fundamental to a business is what I like doing since it helps the people that do the hard work of running the business


The most relevant thing for you is that I am intellectually interested in your problem if we do work together. The downside of this is, that I am candid which can be unpleasant in the short term but in my opinion leads to better results in the long term.

People say (do ask them) that I lack an ego and am not political.

Short-Term Engagements (Advisory work)

I have helped in a number of specific projects - most often in sales / product strategy / pricing. These topics you will probably have guessed from the writing on this blog. By training and education my original interested where more technical or at a more abstract level.

Over time, I learned that “distribution” or selling your product in many ways is more important than the product itself - because, without distribution you do not know if your product is any good according to the customer.

How much does it cost?

It is an interesting question if I should disclose pricing here or not. I do disclose it: a day of work at around €2,500 Euro plus expenses if there are any. Alternatively: equity. The reason for disclosing the pricing is simple, the opportunity cost of time. I want to avoid you wasting time if you do not have the budget. Simultaneously, I want to avoid spending time on projects that are not relevant enough to justify the costs.

If all this fits: send me an email: