My Decision Journal

The following might sound grandiose or pretentiously philosophical. That is fine, I am just trying this out. I believe I heard about decision journals first from the Farnam Street blog, so credit to them.

Decision Making Journal


Assume the following: your life is determined by what you have spend your time on and other events. “Other events” matter but are outside control so little point thinking about them. Assume further: you yourself can actively decide what you spend your time on.

This means that making the decisions of what spend your time on is important. Below you find what I use to journal my decisions, so that I can later look back at these decisions. That helps me understand if I was a) bad analytically or b) the outcome is based on something I could not know or control.

This is my personal version that I use day to day. I am happy to answer questions about this, plus of course it is useful to make one’s own version of this